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Bronway Technology S.A.

We are a company dedicated to the production and marketing of optical-reading media following international quality standards.
The vast experience given by an international know-how gives us not only the back up to produce an excellent product, but also the adequate knowledge to meet the market demand, which combined with a highly qualified technical team, ensures an optimal final result and high performance.
We are a company that manufactures its products in Argentina. Our production plant, located in the city of Rosario, Santa Fe province, has modern facilities equipped with the highest german technology in DVDR manufacturing and replication of optical media.
That's why we have the resources to provide the basic formats (CD, DVD) to the record, publishing, entertainment and software markets, ensuring a production capacity up to an increasingly demanding market, diverse and

The Plant

The manufacturing plant is located in Bronway Rosario, 15 km from the commercial center of the city, in the southern part of the province of Santa Fe, Argentina. It occupies an area of ​​3,000 m2 and has two main buildings, which allow you to operate a logistics and stock according to the needs of our customers.
In addition, its production sector is isolated by a clean room, complying with international norms and standards to our business, to which the areas of printing and packaging added.
Rosario has fast direct connections with the rest of the country by land, air, river and railway, quality of privilege when thinking transportation and communications in the region. This makes us to maintain a highly beneficial geographical position in relation to MERCOSUR
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  • Photochromy
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  • Lowered cromalin
    and films


Our manufacturing plant is equipped with the latest German technology for the replication of CDs and DVDs, working with accuracy on each of the stages that this process requires.


The image of a company requires a strong visual presence that identifies it in every business made. In Bronway we have a skilled team of designers ready to develop, together with the client, the graphic identity and its application on the required product.


We know that a job is not finished until it has a packaging that meets the purpose of the product developed by our company. That is why we study and get the latest technologies and trends in this matter. Thus we have a team of highly qualified people to offer the most creative and innovative packaging design alternatives, according to the specificities of each product.


Every business needs a corporate image that reinforces its presence. We have a line of custom blank discs, printed by up to 5 color silkscreen. The customer can provide to us the design chosen.


In Bronway, we have the technology and qualified personnel to delivery the product ready for its marketing. This means that we not only design and duplicate the packaging, but also we provide you with the finishing of the packaging in the requested material (cellophane or heat-contracted), providing a comprehensive service that translates into quality.


We have a complete logistics structure, which allows us to provide an efficient service for our product distribution in the country and abroad. Our stock control system allows us to ensure the availability of products and the timeliness of delivery of each work, easily and safely.


We work with the most important and recognized printing houses in the city of Rosario. This allows us to provide not only highly qualified print service for our products, but also ensure a punctual delivery of our work.


Another option to make the products ready for their sale or distribution, is heat-sealing. A thin layer of clear plastic, vacuum stamped, provides the detail necessary for the termination of a high quality product.

Lowered cromalin and films

Descent Film and Proofer (test print) and everything necessary for the proper completion of their product.
Media produce high quality information for the data storage, audio and video. We offer the opportunity to choose from a wide range of products and formats as required in each specific case.